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Global darkness
The west coast sound of holland. bunker - den haag, crème organization, mixes and classic tunes + info about exciting stuff like oldschool, electro, turntablism, disco, breaking, acid, italo , interviews, beoordelingen etc& also bookings: legowelt, bangkok impact, dj tlr, orgue electronique, macho cat garage, kassen

Dance gives you a complete overview of the belgian dance music scene. (milk inc, sylver, fiocco, ian van dahl,...) music, pictures, biographies of artists, forums,... it's all there !!!

Global eyes
Web design, development, consulting


Id&t is a independent dance portal providing each visitor with all relevant information on sounds, lifestyle and more.

Dance music resource page
The world's largest range of dance music vinyl, cd and downloads, with over 600,000 tracks available.

Dance industries
Dance-industries - free mp3 download of copyleft dance music!


Astralis - 100% party. croatian top party promoters

Carisma project
Welcome to the sound of carisma-project


All about cybergrass

Kc raves
Kc raves

London techno events
An up-to-date rave and clubbing guide to techno, trance & hard house events occuring in london. listings include line-ups.

Technosis present a night of hypnotic dance music for bournemouth on 9th november 2007. more information about technosis at the empire club, bournemouth uk.
Techno web radio, live dj mixes web radio 24/7, download free mp3 dj mixes, djs podcasts, cd reviews, electronic music ezine.

The womb - Live dj's
The womb - Live dj's

Thump radio
Thump radio

Two deep
Two deep

Techno beats - subtitle
DJ Syz (real name Milos Gispen) was born in Groningen, The Netherlands (on February 28th, 1982) to a musical family. When he was just a small child he was influenced by his parents (both playing several musical instruments) to make music. The first sounds came out of a violin. But when he became older he started to listen more and more to dance music.

At the age of 15 he started making his first music dance productions. At the end of 1997 he teamed up with DJ Scienide to produce several hardcore/gabber productions, released on numerous compilation cds (artist names Prime Evil & Unicron). Their first production was released on February 2nd 1998.

His passion for music made him decide to start as a DJ playing progressive/trance music in 2002. In the same year he joined, a respected web radio station with DJs from all over the world. Soon this resulted in his first bookings. DJ Syz is open to a lot of different styles. As a DJ he focuses on relaxing trance, but also on progressive, club & house.

Peek magazine
Uit het portfolio van sponsored magazines van hemels publishers.

Metaphysical techno
Impulse tracker underground minimal techno songsminimal techno intelligent techno detroit techno tribal techno aesthetic

Radio 1
Radio 1's dance djs: the home of pete tong, the essential mix, annie mac, judge jules and many more. the best new dance music from the world's best dj line up

Recover world
Recover world

Remix focuses on artists, producers, engineers, bands, djs and music gear in the rapidly growing culture of music production and performance. feature articles contain in-depth interviews ...

Voov experience
Voov experience - international open air trance festival. 3 sound stages, markets, camping, healing workshops and lots more entertainment. a weekend gathering and celebration of the global trance tribe.

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